Italian Food- The World’s Favourite

Everyone would have eaten Italian food at some point in their life. In most cases we do not even realize we are eating Italian food because the cuisine has reached nearly all parts of the world, the Italian cuisine is literally universal.


The reason why Italian food is so popular is due to its simplicity. The ingredient list is rarely longer than ten items. Therefore the flavor of each component is pronounced and can be savoured by the one enjoying the meal.  Furthermore there are no complicated processes involved to ensure that the flavor gets better, instead they use the best quality ingredients they can get their hands on, therefore the food tastes divine. So when the best tomatoes are used for the sauce, wouldn’t the sauce taste delicious?

Furthermore even in the best Italian restaurant in Singapore, the food is still simple. There might be minor changes to the recipe but the ingredients used and the cooking process is not complicated. This is the beauty of the cuisine.

 The cuisine in Italy is not new; it has been around ever since the fall of the Roman Empire. When the Roman Empire fell, many cities broke away and started making new types of breads and pasta. Even the preparation and the ingredients used started to change, this is the reason we have so many different types of pastas and bread today. Once unification began, it was then that these recipes were shared. However even today there are differences in the food that is popular across different regions in Italy. The north of Italy is famous for its risotto dishes and the south is famous for serving the best pizza in the whole of Italy.

Mind you, Italian cuisine is not only famous for its pastas and pizzas. Coffee, Cheese and Wine play a huge role in the cuisine. When I say Coffee, I mean espresso. They are very specific. A combination of all three elements is found in the much beloved dessert Tiramisu, a favourite across nations worldwide. Cheese is incorporated in most of the food available in Italy. It is always found on top of pizza, and plays a crucial role in certain types of pasta and risotto.  It is also enjoyed by itself.

The Italian cuisine is beloved by the whole world and will always continue to be so because it is so rich but it is still so simple and elegant. Therefore it is no surprise that Italian cuisine is my personal favourite and looking at the influence around the world, I take it that I am not alone.

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