Tips For Good School Maintenance

Making sure that a building is always safe and clean is important, but it is especially vital when there are going to be children running around inside it. Being able to identify hazards, taking preventative safety measures, and sanitizing the entire building are complex tasks to take care of. However, failing to do so properly can put many people in danger, especially young children. Here are some tips to help educators make sure that their institutions are well taken care of.

Identifying Hazards

Even a somewhat new building can have safety hazards that can often go unnoticed. This is why it can be useful to have a building inspector make an annual visit to look over all the systems, building structures, and indoor and outdoor areas. The inspector can let you know of anything that is not up to code, what needs to be fixed, and any rearrangements that need to be made to eliminate risks. In addition, you need to make sure regular maintenance procedures do not pose a threat on a daily basis, such as a wet or slippery ground. Avoid such issues by using floor scrubber machines that will wash and dry the surfaces. If there are any damages or risks that anyone notices between inspector visits, they must be addressed and repaired immediately.



Keeping the building as clean as possible is imperative for a school environment. The younger the children who attend the school, the more close attention you need to pay to the cleanliness, as these children can easily fall ill. Have a thorough regular maintenance system using equipment like a walk behind vacuum sweeper and high-quality but safe disinfectants. The premises must be hygienic at all times, so the cleaning must take place daily, with more extensive cleaning done monthly or at least during holidays. Special attention must be given to the toilets and eating areas.

Security and Other Safety Measures

Many school buildings now incorporate security camera systems throughout the building for the safety of all inside it. Having such a system will also put the minds of the parents at ease. Aside from this, it is important to check that fire alarms, extinguishers, and other safety devices are in working condition on a regular basis, and that fire drills are practiced regularly. In addition, make sure that first aid supplies are always on hand, and that adults working in the building all know basic emergency procedures. If there are small children on the premises, precautions must be taken to have the building childproofed.

These are some of the most crucial areas to keep in mind for proper maintenance and safety measures in school buildings.

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